I am so new at this, that there are few posts from the start of my blog to now. I have to admit that, at first glance, I did not see how the word catapult could inspire me. And then, here we are. I want to do these daily prompts until blogging is natural to me. I am not really very social of late and it seems very difficult to get started. Really I guess this is the best first Daily Prompt for me. Catapulted into blogging. lol.
I hope as time goes on I will master this blogging. I am really not sure how to and what is appropriate or accepted. I started my blog shortly after I joined a company that promised to teach me internet marketing. Teach how to set up and operate and support while you get started. When I first heard about it I was, of course, skeptical. You know, I am sure I am not the only one that has searched for the right work at home opportunity. I am not the only one who has fallen victim to the get-rich-quick scams. But I felt like I was the only one. I tell you, I surely felt foolish on many occasions.
This company has so far proved itself to be different from other program I have found. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. There is a lot to learn about internet marketing and owning and operating an online store. I learn more every day. Truthfully, I think I am getting it. I am dedicated to learning the material. I am persistent in the time I spend. I have learned a little about myself on this path. I am determined, almost bull-headedly stubborn, to success with this. This opportunity is a lifetime commitment. My online store will always be there. Forever. Of course, whether it makes me money or not is up to me. Up to advertising.
OK. So now we are talking about learning internet marketing, advertising, and business. Can you believe this program I got involved with does all this for FREE? I could go on and on about the company that is catapulting me into success! Instead, here is a lot more information:
But please, know I share this information because I believe I will succeed with this. You make your own decision. This is also still new to me, but I have started my journey. I have started a little store too! Look at the great prices! My store is linked to a larger selection of products to browse too.
Whoa! Look how much I said today! lol. This might really work! lol



3 thoughts on “Catapult”

  1. Congratulations on your first blog! Tracey and I blog, wrote a book and have 2 etsy businesses 😃🦉your jewellery looks great. Good luck with it all 😃🦉


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